Long lop ears are the crown jewel of our delightful Honey Bunny Dress!  This Lemonbrat classic is done in our bubble dress style with a big, comfy pocket in the center.  Wear it as a hoodie to keep you warm as autumn sets in or grab some leggings and rock it as a super-cute dress!

Get one for yourself at http://lemonbrat.com/collections/animal-dresses/products/honey-bunny-dress

I don’t even know where to start with the Godtier Hoodie.  This gorgeous design has so many details, it’s hard to decide what to focus on!  The ear has a tufted inner rim which matches the custom striping around the torso.  The tail is extra long so that it can wrap around the front of the hoodie.  The hood is also two-toned with a big ruffly mane that extends down to the shoulders.  We had so much fun making this one!

To get your own intricately detailed custom made, check out http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs

red panda dress
We can’t get enough of red pandas and apparently neither can you guys!  This custom Red Panda Dress utilizes our “bubble dress” style with a custom crop top to match!  The dress itself features not one, but two chest tufts.  The white tuft is matched on the sleeves of the crop top to give the whole piece a cohesive look.  This dress was also requested without a tail, which makes it a little bit more subtle than some of the other custom orders we recieved.

The custom crop top is a great option for this (or any) hoodie.  Worn underneath the pull-over dress, it gives the wearer the option of wearing sleeves that match the main body or going sleeveless – whatever’s most comfortable!

Want us to make your own custom design?  Check out what we can do for you at http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs!

With the launch of our updated Custom Gallery, we’re tossing out another Custom Showcase!  This time we’re looking at one of our dress-style hoodies with Andi’s Dress.  Our dress bodies are a slightly longer hoodie without a zipper that have a slightly more feminine fit.  Of course, this doesn’t make the pull-over style strictly for ladies and we do offer pull-over options for all of our unisex hoodies as well.

Accompanying Andi’s Dress is our incredibly popular Anime Lion.  This piece gets a lot of buzz over on our deviantART page.  It is definitely tricked out with all sorts of cool options and…well, I’ll let you guys take a look for yourselves.  It is just too damn cool to try and explain with words!

hoodie-andi hoodie-animelion1