persian cat


The Persian Cat Custom Backpack is another great example of a Lemonbrat classic that’s been chopped and altered to create something unique and interesting!  Our black cat backpack was used as a base for this piece.  The tail was altered with custom, tufted striping and a layered hairdo was added out of hand cut fleece panels.  Done up in a bright and bold hot pink, this backpack is ready for any party!

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There ain’t no party like a Custom Celebration party!

Today, we’re taking a walk on the wild side with this stunning Deluxe Tiger Hoodie!

Rather than use a tiger print fleece, we upped the ante with this design and did all the striping by hand. Per customer request, we also added white to the underside of the long sleeves and tail to give it that realistic tiger coat finish!

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Sunday’s loss is your gain, folks! Seems like our Custom Celebration Month collage for yesterday didn’t post properly but it has not been forgotten – Say hello to the Aussie Patterned Big Cat!

A lot of effort went into cutting each of the striped pieces of fleece for the distinctive pattern on this hoodie. We sewed each piece down by hand and then added extra layered tufting on the head, chest and tail!

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Most cat’s have pretty easy lives. They get fed and pampered with plenty of time in between to nap and bask in a sunbeam. Some cats have it a little harder than others, though. When our friends over at Sorbet Jungle asked for a hoodie of their charming Skelicat design, we pounced at the chance to throw this adorable kitty a bone!

We used hand cut and sewn faux leather for the skull design on the front of the hood.  The rib cage and tail were crafted from white fleece and stuffed to give them more depth.  Our Skelicat’s feathered friend (or meal, if you prefer) is another piece of faux leather.  The pockets are designed to work as a money belt since Sorbet Jungle likes to work with us at various conventions across the country!

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