Throwback Thursday

firefox TBT


Looking for a great hoodie to wear this Halloween?  Well browse no further!  Our Fire Fox hoodie is exactly what you need.  This hoodie features a tastefully tufted tail and ears done up in red, orange and yellow.  It brings the heat and the warmth, so scoop one up before winter set in!

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honey badger TBT


It’s Throwback Thursday, but the honey badger don’t care!  This hoodie is based off of nature’s favorite snake-chasing, bee larva eating, jackal punching mammal.  Every detail on this bad badger is hand cut, including the back panel and the details on the tail and hood.  Add long sleeves or even deluxe claw sleeves to this handsome hoodie for an even more unstoppable badger experience!

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shark hoodie TBT


Just when you thought it was safe to back in the water, the shark hoodie has surfaced!  This ferocious predator from the deepest depths has a distinctively wedge-shaped head for a hood and fin sleeves!  We cut pieces of faux leather for the eyes and the gills to add some more details to the overall hoodie.

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amethyst jag TBT


We have a wide variety of fanciful felines, but none are quite as eye-catching as the Amethyst Jaguar!  We use a rich, vibrant purple for the hem of the hood and body as well as the pockets and inner ears.  It compliments the purple notes in the jaguar fur patterned fleece that makes up the body of the hoodie!

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Long lop ears are the crown jewel of our delightful Honey Bunny Dress!  This Lemonbrat classic is done in our bubble dress style with a big, comfy pocket in the center.  Wear it as a hoodie to keep you warm as autumn sets in or grab some leggings and rock it as a super-cute dress!

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Another week has passed and it’s time to reach way back into the Lemonvaults and pull out another classic piece of Lemonbrat gear!  This week we’re showing off the undeniably cute Corgi Hoodie!  This vintage hoodie is easily one of our best sellers and who can questions why?  Those big ears, that ruffly neck tuft and that mellow honey color all add up to one adorable garment!


We’re a little late with our Throwback Thursday post this week, but I think you can find it in your heart to forgive us.  As you can see, we’ve come up with a shiny new way of showing off some of our old classics.  And speaking of shiny, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist this gem – the Raccoon Hoodie!  Whether you’re rooting through your neighbors trash or flying through space beside a giant tree monster, the Raccoon Hoodie will keep you warm, cozy and (most importantly) cute!