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Our pick-up coupon codes allow you to place any order you could want and pick it up at the convention from our booth during dealer’s room hours. The coupon codes are valid until 1 week before the convention.

Use the code to guarantee you get the item you want in the size you need and remember – you can also place an order for custom items with sleeves, color swaps and other sweet options! We’ll have it ready and waiting for you and you won’t have to pay for shipping!

Convention season is well underway and we’ve been super busy at the Lemonbrat Studio.  Between packing up for shows and finally finishing up our spring cleaning we’ve barely had time to take a breath!  Luckily, we’ve slowed down just enough for me to reach out to all you wonderful followers and give you an update on what sort of mischief we’ll be getting up to in July.


First up on our list is Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA, July 3rd-6th.  This is the biggest fur show of the year and we’re sending Barb and Mike undercover to see what sort of mysteries they can uncover about this year’s theme – Secret Societies.  We’re expecting a lot of cryptic handshakes and passwords from everyone who comes by the booth to check out our animal hoodies, tail & ear sets and more.  Make sure to announce “The Husky Howls for Cheeseburgers” if you’re interested in getting a custom item based off your own character or fursona!

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While Barb and Mike engage in covert ops (which sounds hecka-cool), Matt and Ryan will be representing some hometown pride at Anime Midwest in Rosemont, IL, July 4th-6th.  Since 2011, Anime Midwest has been growing and we’re always happy to support another great con in our own backyward!  Get your adorable on with all our greatest hits – animal hoodies, tails & ears, rave gear and more!

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Wrapping up the month of July is an old favorite of ours, Anime Iowa in Coralville, IA, July 25th-27th!  We’ve been going to this radtacular gathering for over 3 years now and we’re chomping at the bit to head out and see all you Hawkeye State natives again!  Matt and Ryan will be teaming up to take on this show and you better believe they’re bringing a torrential downpour of cuteness that you are not prepaed for!

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