Topless Tuesday

RainbowLW TT


Why choose one color when you could wear all of them?  Our rainbow legwarmers are made from a stunning array of vibrant faux fur colors.  We offer them in a standard rainbow style and an alternate sherbert rainbow style.  Each legwarmer has an elastic strap with a pin for added sizing flexibility.  Check out all our rockin’ legwarmers in the Rave Gear section on!

fox lolita TT


Who says staying warm this winter has to be unfashionable?  Why not go the extra mile and get yourself a hat that’ll be both cozy and eye-catching!  The Lolita Fox Hat is the perfect choice.  Sporting removable ribbons, elegantly braided tassels and an irresistibly cute face this hat is the pinnacle of winter fashion!  Check out all the great hats on!

corgi scarf TT


You guys seemed to like the dragon scarf we posted a couple of weeks ago, so we’re upping the ante with our charming corgi scarves!  These long dogs are super long at 60 inches and makes incredibly warm and comfy scarves!  Whether your preference is for Pembrook or Cardigan corgis, we can make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.  Check them out on!

blue rave scarf hat TT


It’s getting colder, but there’s no need to fear!  We’ve got you covered…literally!  Our rave wolf scarf hats are warm, comfy and come in a variety of colors!  The scarf paws double as comfy mittens and there’s a zippered pocket on the left side that can hold most models of cell phones or other necessary odds and ends.  Check them out on!



If you’re not careful, our sloth backpack will engage you in the slowest, most adorable hug you’ve ever experienced!  Our backpacks feature to small pockets on the front of the backpack with a large pocket that takes up the whole backside!  This larger pocket has a big, chunky zipper for added security and the whole thing can be slung on with comfy, adjustable straps!

Get yourself a sedate buddy that’ll help you carry around your stuff!


We thought we’d try something a little different in celebration of‪ #‎ToplessTuesday‬.

No, we’re not doing something THAT different! Instead, we’re going to take a look at some of our non-hoodie items! This week, we’re showcasing our collars and leashes!

Made from vibrant and durable faux leather, our collars and leashes are available in over a dozen different colors! Check them out over at!