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You didn’t think we’d just let the deer of the Little Woods get through this weekend with just one post, did you?  They’re way too cute for that!  I mean, look at these pencil cases!

Besides being unmistakably adorable, these handy little accessories are great for storing pens, pencils or other items such as loose change, business cards or anything else you can think of!  Check them out in our $10 or Less section!


The Fruit Bats are now a well-established member of the Lemonbrat family.  Since their debut, they’ve been super popular both online and especially at conventions!  We love that you guys love them, so we’re going to keep showing them off.  Check out this close up of the pencil cases!



It’s easy to fawn over the deer of the Little Woods!  These happy little ungulates love hanging out in the glades and clearings of the Little Woods.  You can find them on all sorts of great gear on, though!  Check out our pencil cases, notepads, satchel & tote bags and so much more!



The foxes of the Little Woods are clever, curious, cunning and downright cute!  In addition to the great tote and satchel bags featuring these sly little forest dwellers, we also have a wonderful variety of stationery, buttons and other accessories.  Check them out in The Little Woods Collection!



Our little Fruit Bat colony sure has grown over the last few weeks.  What started as a series of drawings has grown into a full product line featuring button sets, notepads, pencil cases and more!  The reception of the Fruit Bats by all of you fans both in person and on all of our social media outlets has been so positive and flattering.

But don’t get too comfortable!  These adorable fruit flyers have a lot more in store you everyone and we know you’re all going to love it!


We’re closing out the week with another adorable glimpse into the Little Woods!  Our new pencil cases are as bright and colorful as our tote and satchel bags and feature full color, double-sided artwork of your favorite woodland critters.

The pencil cases measure in at 7.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches high.  After extensive field testing we can say that you can fit a LOT of pens and pencils in these cases – Ryan emptied out his desk drawers and still had room to spare!

And just in case you’re wondering, we will also be offering pencil cases featuring a certain group of nocturnal, half-fruit/half-flying-mammals…

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