blue rave scarf hat TT


It’s getting colder, but there’s no need to fear!  We’ve got you covered…literally!  Our rave wolf scarf hats are warm, comfy and come in a variety of colors!  The scarf paws double as comfy mittens and there’s a zippered pocket on the left side that can hold most models of cell phones or other necessary odds and ends.  Check them out on Lemonbrat.com!

teal swirl wolf

The beautiful Teal Swirl Wolf Custom Hoodie is an uncomplicated design with some incredibly intricate details.  The main body begins with our basic wolf hoodie design done entirely in white with a wide fluffy tummy panel.  From there, we had a series of hand cut and hand sewn spiral and starburst designs that were done in a bright teal.  Those details were a real challenge because they needed to be lined up to preserve the hoodie’s symmetry, but we think we nailed it!

Your own custom can be as complex or simple as you like!  Learn more at http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs

reinbow wusky


It’s hard to think of a custom we’ve done that is more exuberant than the Reinbow Wusky hoodie!  This unique design is based off of our standard Wolf Hoodie pattern, but adds so many cool details and vibrant colors that the end result is one of a kind!

Each of the diamond and star patterns on the sleeves and back of the hoodie are hand cut and hand sewn.  The custom tufting on the hood, chest and back are also all hand cut and hand sewn.  We also made sure to take special care with the custom spots and hair on the hood to make sure they were perfect!

Got an idea for a custom of your very own?  Head over to http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs

The Custom Showcase train just keeps on rolling!  As we were sorting through our archives to find the shining stars of yesterday’s post, we realized we had a whole lot more amazing hoodies designed by our wonderful customers.  Today, we’re showing off two more very striking hoodies that were each uniquely challenging and incredibly fun to make!  Take a look for yourselves, because words just aren’t enough!

SocMed-Horned Wolf socmed-Irime Zane