firefox TBT


Looking for a great hoodie to wear this Halloween?  Well browse no further!  Our Fire Fox hoodie is exactly what you need.  This hoodie features a tastefully tufted tail and ears done up in red, orange and yellow.  It brings the heat and the warmth, so scoop one up before winter set in!

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amethyst jag TBT


We have a wide variety of fanciful felines, but none are quite as eye-catching as the Amethyst Jaguar!  We use a rich, vibrant purple for the hem of the hood and body as well as the pockets and inner ears.  It compliments the purple notes in the jaguar fur patterned fleece that makes up the body of the hoodie!

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persian cat


The Persian Cat Custom Backpack is another great example of a Lemonbrat classic that’s been chopped and altered to create something unique and interesting!  Our black cat backpack was used as a base for this piece.  The tail was altered with custom, tufted striping and a layered hairdo was added out of hand cut fleece panels.  Done up in a bright and bold hot pink, this backpack is ready for any party!

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I don’t even know where to start with the Godtier Hoodie.  This gorgeous design has so many details, it’s hard to decide what to focus on!  The ear has a tufted inner rim which matches the custom striping around the torso.  The tail is extra long so that it can wrap around the front of the hoodie.  The hood is also two-toned with a big ruffly mane that extends down to the shoulders.  We had so much fun making this one!

To get your own intricately detailed custom made, check out http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs

Caltsar’s Custom Hoodie was a challenging, but fun design to work on.  It utilizes a lot of pieces we’ve made before, but has some very unique elements.  The lighter tummy panel reaches up past the neck and into the hem of the hood. The bottom of the tail is also done in this lighter color, but the real stars of the show are the gloved hands!

These gloves are similar to our paw sleeves, but with a slimmer fit.  Each finger ends in a gold, faux leather claw and there’s a slit in the wrist of the sleeve so that the wearer can poke their hands out if need be.

You can get your very own custom design at http://lemonbrat.com/pages/customs



Gird yourselves, Atlanta – we’re going to be bringing the cute September 26th-28th!  If you’ll be joining us for Anime Weekend Atlanta, you can use the coupon code “PICKUPawa14” to place an order with us before the con and we’ll bring it to you for to pick up!  This, of course, save you the cost of shipping!