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reinbow wusky


It’s hard to think of a custom we’ve done that is more exuberant than the Reinbow Wusky hoodie!  This unique design is based off of our standard Wolf Hoodie pattern, but adds so many cool details and vibrant colors that the end result is one of a kind!

Each of the diamond and star patterns on the sleeves and back of the hoodie are hand cut and hand sewn.  The custom tufting on the hood, chest and back are also all hand cut and hand sewn.  We also made sure to take special care with the custom spots and hair on the hood to make sure they were perfect!

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There ain’t no party like a Custom Celebration party!

Today, we’re taking a walk on the wild side with this stunning Deluxe Tiger Hoodie!

Rather than use a tiger print fleece, we upped the ante with this design and did all the striping by hand. Per customer request, we also added white to the underside of the long sleeves and tail to give it that realistic tiger coat finish!

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Now that we’re all caught up, cue the drumroll because it’s time to unveil TODAY’S entry for Custom Celebration Month – The Horned Red and Gold Dragon!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. We did a lot of extra details and striping and…well, let’s just say we really didn’t want to ship it off when we were done with it. The wing sleeves, mohawk and shoulder/neck ruffles make this one hot item!

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Sunday’s loss is your gain, folks! Seems like our Custom Celebration Month collage for yesterday didn’t post properly but it has not been forgotten – Say hello to the Aussie Patterned Big Cat!

A lot of effort went into cutting each of the striped pieces of fleece for the distinctive pattern on this hoodie. We sewed each piece down by hand and then added extra layered tufting on the head, chest and tail!

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We wanted to do something extra special for September, so we’re reaching back to showcase some of the wonderful custom projects that you guys helped us design!  Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART and Fur Affinity for super sweet collages of various custom hoodies.  We’ll be answering your questions on the custom design process and providing a few insights into how we approach each project and what some of our favorite challenges have been.  It’s going to be a blast, so enjoy!

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It’s time for another Custom Showcase!  Today we’re whipping out the very aptly named Tiger Bunneh and the armored giant that is…VALANT!  Both of these pieces have a lot of unique details from Tiger Bunneh’s custom striping to the “armored” padding across Valant’s chest.  Learn more about these and all our other amazing customer-created designs by scoping out the Custom Gallery on!

hoodie-tigerbunneh hoodie-valant

With the launch of our updated Custom Gallery, we’re tossing out another Custom Showcase!  This time we’re looking at one of our dress-style hoodies with Andi’s Dress.  Our dress bodies are a slightly longer hoodie without a zipper that have a slightly more feminine fit.  Of course, this doesn’t make the pull-over style strictly for ladies and we do offer pull-over options for all of our unisex hoodies as well.

Accompanying Andi’s Dress is our incredibly popular Anime Lion.  This piece gets a lot of buzz over on our deviantART page.  It is definitely tricked out with all sorts of cool options and…well, I’ll let you guys take a look for yourselves.  It is just too damn cool to try and explain with words!

hoodie-andi hoodie-animelion1