The Casseopeia custom hoodie is a truly exceptional design.  The tri-wing design on the back is unlike anything we’ve done before and the effect is really cool!  This hoodie also feature a ringed fluff tail, a long stemmed pom pom on the hood and a distinctive stripe that rings the body from the right should and underneath the left arm.

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red skyy


Rawr!  Cower mortals, for the Red Skyy has come!  This ferocious custom dragon hoodie features a narrow hex chest pattern, deluxe wings and custom spikes.  Each spike is a hand cut piece of fleece that was sewn into place by our elite team of sewing wizards.  The white chest piece also blends into the hem of the hood creating a stark contrast with the red body of the hoodie!

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ren's behemoth


It’s big!  It’s monstrous!  It’s beautiful!  Ren’s Behemoth hoodie is a sight to see, without a doubt.  We used gold faux leather to create the horns atop the hood.  The ruffles around the hem of the hood and mohawk on top were each custom designed and hand cut pieces.  The mohawk extends all the way down the back of the hoodie and onto the deluxe finned tail.  We had a blast making this one – it was almost too cool to mail out!

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Now that we’re all caught up, cue the drumroll because it’s time to unveil TODAY’S entry for Custom Celebration Month – The Horned Red and Gold Dragon!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. We did a lot of extra details and striping and…well, let’s just say we really didn’t want to ship it off when we were done with it. The wing sleeves, mohawk and shoulder/neck ruffles make this one hot item!

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With the launch of our updated Custom Gallery, we’re tossing out another Custom Showcase!  This time we’re looking at one of our dress-style hoodies with Andi’s Dress.  Our dress bodies are a slightly longer hoodie without a zipper that have a slightly more feminine fit.  Of course, this doesn’t make the pull-over style strictly for ladies and we do offer pull-over options for all of our unisex hoodies as well.

Accompanying Andi’s Dress is our incredibly popular Anime Lion.  This piece gets a lot of buzz over on our deviantART page.  It is definitely tricked out with all sorts of cool options and…well, I’ll let you guys take a look for yourselves.  It is just too damn cool to try and explain with words!

hoodie-andi hoodie-animelion1