We’ve been slaving away all week on a brand new project for you guys and I’m very happy to share it with you today!  Our elite design team has been creating and categorizing a collection of custom choices that you can now peruse at your leisure to create a design that is 100% unique!  By going to the “Draw Your Own Custom” section on Lemonbrat.com you can select a blank template that you can upload into any handy picture editing software and color, alter and personalize.  You can even print them out and color them yourself by hand and scan them for submission!


Here’s an example of one of our “dress” style hoodies with short sleeves!


These “blanks” are the first step in making it easier for everyone to create their own custom hoodies.  In the future, we’d like to incorporate more elements that will make the entire custom order process something like a character designer for a videogame.  Soon you’ll be able to add various ear styles, chest tufts, tails and more!  Our goal is to standardize some of the most popular options in order to keep costs down while simultaneously offering a huge gallery of choices that will give you everything you need to help realize your particular vision.

For now, the “blanks” are an exciting doorway into what we have planned for custom orders and designs and we hope you guys will be as excited as we are to try out you own alterations and color combos with these handy reference images!

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