Horned Dragon Lizard


This Horned Dragon Lizard is one of the adorablest backpacks we’ve ever made!  The eyes, mouth and nostrils on this one are all hand cut pieces of faux leather.  Unlike other backpacks that we’ve made, the face of this one protrudes a bit into a short snout.  We also did custom striping on the tail and tufting along the outer edges of the head and bottom!

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ren's behemoth


It’s big!  It’s monstrous!  It’s beautiful!  Ren’s Behemoth hoodie is a sight to see, without a doubt.  We used gold faux leather to create the horns atop the hood.  The ruffles around the hem of the hood and mohawk on top were each custom designed and hand cut pieces.  The mohawk extends all the way down the back of the hoodie and onto the deluxe finned tail.  We had a blast making this one – it was almost too cool to mail out!

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Now that we’re all caught up, cue the drumroll because it’s time to unveil TODAY’S entry for Custom Celebration Month – The Horned Red and Gold Dragon!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. We did a lot of extra details and striping and…well, let’s just say we really didn’t want to ship it off when we were done with it. The wing sleeves, mohawk and shoulder/neck ruffles make this one hot item!

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