fox lolita TT


Who says staying warm this winter has to be unfashionable?  Why not go the extra mile and get yourself a hat that’ll be both cozy and eye-catching!  The Lolita Fox Hat is the perfect choice.  Sporting removable ribbons, elegantly braided tassels and an irresistibly cute face this hat is the pinnacle of winter fashion!  Check out all the great hats on Lemonbrat.com!

blue rave scarf hat TT


It’s getting colder, but there’s no need to fear!  We’ve got you covered…literally!  Our rave wolf scarf hats are warm, comfy and come in a variety of colors!  The scarf paws double as comfy mittens and there’s a zippered pocket on the left side that can hold most models of cell phones or other necessary odds and ends.  Check them out on Lemonbrat.com!

About two weeks ago we showcased some concept images of a new line of lolita-inspired animal hats.  We’ve been hard at work making the concepts a reality in between conventions and developing other new stuff.  After many painstaking hours, our first prototype is ready to be shown off – say hello to the Llama Lolita!  You can expect to see final versions and listings for the llama and all the other animals within the next two weeks!  In the meantime, keep an eye out for more images of the llama and her friends!