blonde tanuki


This delightful blonde tanuki backpack is a custom design based off our popular red panda backpack.  We modified the ears, swapped out a few colors and added the sweet hairdo and BAM!  Instant blond tanuki!  When constructing this design, we hand cut each of the stripes on the tail, the hair and the tufts on the big ears.  We then sewed them down with the same love and care that we put into all of our designs!

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Caracals may be some high-jumping, mysterious-looking felines, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them cute!  This custom caracal backpack has the species’ signature tall, black-tipped ears and a big white tummy which also encompasses the two front pockets.  The thick, dark eyebrows were made by request.

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Manta Ray


Not all of our custom designs are hoodies.  In fact, we can custom make just about anything!  Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of designing a few amazing backpacks for people.

This manta ray design actually came to us from someone in Kona, Hawaii who works with rays for a living!  The unique pattern on the belly is the same as her favorite manta ray and we were happy to hand cut each spot and shape for her!  Like all of our backpacks, this one features adjustable straps and a nice chunky zipper for access to the main pocket!

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The Casseopeia custom hoodie is a truly exceptional design.  The tri-wing design on the back is unlike anything we’ve done before and the effect is really cool!  This hoodie also feature a ringed fluff tail, a long stemmed pom pom on the hood and a distinctive stripe that rings the body from the right should and underneath the left arm.

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We’ve tackled all sorts of canines here at Lemonbrat, but until the Dingo Custom Hoodie came along we’d never tackled Australia’s famous Canis lupus subspecies.  For the back of this custom, we cut out a custom tufted arrow design by hand and sewed it down.  The front has a long bulb design with tufted edges to give it a little more texture.  For the dingo’s tail, we altered the traditional curved tail of our wolf and husky hoodies into an S-shape!

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genetic skunk


We like to say that we have a lot of fun with the really complicated custom hoodies that we makes and the Genetic Skunk is no exception – but man, was it a lot of work!  In the front, we have a fairly simple narrow diamond tummy panel with tufted edges.  A small bit of tufting was also hand cut and added to the zipper right by the neck.  Around the back, though…

We started with our basic flat tailed skunk design.  The designer wanted a unique double helix pattern which we cut by hand and sewed down.  It took a lot of careful work to make sure the pattern came out right!  This was topped off with additional swirls on the hood and a big fluffy main of jade and goldenrod fleece which matches the double helix!

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Long lop ears are the crown jewel of our delightful Honey Bunny Dress!  This Lemonbrat classic is done in our bubble dress style with a big, comfy pocket in the center.  Wear it as a hoodie to keep you warm as autumn sets in or grab some leggings and rock it as a super-cute dress!

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red skyy


Rawr!  Cower mortals, for the Red Skyy has come!  This ferocious custom dragon hoodie features a narrow hex chest pattern, deluxe wings and custom spikes.  Each spike is a hand cut piece of fleece that was sewn into place by our elite team of sewing wizards.  The white chest piece also blends into the hem of the hood creating a stark contrast with the red body of the hoodie!

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ren's behemoth


It’s big!  It’s monstrous!  It’s beautiful!  Ren’s Behemoth hoodie is a sight to see, without a doubt.  We used gold faux leather to create the horns atop the hood.  The ruffles around the hem of the hood and mohawk on top were each custom designed and hand cut pieces.  The mohawk extends all the way down the back of the hoodie and onto the deluxe finned tail.  We had a blast making this one – it was almost too cool to mail out!

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If you’re not careful, our sloth backpack will engage you in the slowest, most adorable hug you’ve ever experienced!  Our backpacks feature to small pockets on the front of the backpack with a large pocket that takes up the whole backside!  This larger pocket has a big, chunky zipper for added security and the whole thing can be slung on with comfy, adjustable straps!

Get yourself a sedate buddy that’ll help you carry around your stuff!